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Applying for a plot of land

Tonight, Altona Community Gardens Inc presented their proposal for a community garden in Altona to the councillors. The purpose of the submission was to "request the use of mutually acceptable Council land within Altona for the purpose of constructing and operating a community garden that can be accessed, and enjoyed by all members of the local community" (excerpt from submission document).

Our display garden bed ready for tonight's outing to the council budget consultation meeting.

We aligned our proposal with the Community Health and Wellbeing Plan 2013-2017. The submission addressed matters such as: our aim and structure, case studies of other community gardens, and detailed guidelines for the management of the garden, including risk management and OHS.

The submission presented analysis of three potential sites for the garden: 149 Civic Parade; the Rear of Altona Lifesaving Building adn the Youth Hall Precinct on Civic Parade and was enriched by possible designs for the garden drafted by Shotaro Kanetaka.

The councillors were extremely impressed with the professional nature of the submission and with what a 'not for profit' group could produce in such a short period of time. The document is a credit to everyone who helped, from undertaking case studies of other gardens to proofreading the final submission.

council site drawing

Drawing of a proposed plan for the Community Garden at Civic Parade site. Shotaro Kanetaka.

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