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Hooray for ACG

On Sunday 5th June, to celebrate World Environment Day, Hobsons Bay City Council hosted an afternoon tea for more than 80 of its most active and passionate volunteers in the area of conservation and the environment.

It was a great opportunity to meet representatives from 25 volunteer groups across our community and be immersed in the camaraderie that contributes to our community. We were very pleased to receive our volunteer badges and appreciation certificate.

One of the core aims of ACG is to establish community gardens and keep working on our nature strip project to empower people to grow their own fruit and vegetables and so we are grateful to the Council for recognising our work and supporting our future endeavours.

We have just received a $2000 grant from the Council which will enable us to purchase tools and equipment to help community members grow edibles/natives on that unused space at the front of their property which is fantastic news!

Long term, this project will provide a vital role in local streetscapes and will influence the character of Hobsons Bay and prepare residents for the effects of continued climate change.

Each edible street garden allows neighbours a space to meet and connect, which is vital to give them a sense of wellbeing and belonging.

The certificate

Two of our members accepting the certificate for the team

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