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The benefits of nature strip gardening (Part 2)

To read part 1, click here.

There are many options to consider if you decide to transform the lawn on your nature strip into a garden.

:Vegie garden

Because a nature strip often has a sunny aspect and is well-drained, it can be a great spot for a productive and attractive vegetable garden. Whilst, there is a regulation by council that plants must be no higher than 50 cms, we still have plenty of low crops to grow. Examples are:









*Potato/Sweet potato




*Brussels sprout

and more and more!!

:Local indigenous plants garden

If you use local species, they have evolved to handle local conditions. Newport Lakes native nursery is our nearest place to find your local indigenous plants. They are happy to help with your garden design and plant selection as well. Also you can check on Hobsons Bay Sustainable Gardening.

:Edible bush garden

There are many edible species of Australian native plants. This is a great way to increase diversity in your garden. However, consider the choice of species carefully so that it suits the local climate and environment. We have used some of these species on our ACG nature strips and they seem to be growing well in our environment.

*Apple berry: Purple to yellow fruits that can be eaten raw.

*Midyim berry: Sweet with strong flavour that can be eaten raw or in pie.


*Warrigul greens: Edible green leaves but they do contain toxic oxate and so do blanch them and rinse before eating.

*Ruby saltbush berry: Small tiny berries that can be eaten raw.

*Pigface: Red-purple fruit; after flowing, they have a flavor like salty kiwi fruit / apple. Leaves also are edible.

*Tasman and Blue flax lily: Blue fruits with sweet flavor that can be eaten raw.

You can also create a native wild flower meadow garden.

There are many colorful wild flower species. They also prefer a sunny spot and still require less water.

:Herb garden

There is no better way to get fresh herbs than to grow them yourself. Also we can enjoy the variety of flowers. It is recommended that species with a low height are chosen. Here is the list of some that we have planted in our nature strips.

*Thyme: There are so many species nowadays and they have a variety of scent and little tiny flowers