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Nature strip project, an upgrade

It was very cold and rainy miserable weather on Saturday morning. Although, blue sky and sun peeped through in the cloud, and we had nice and warm conditions to get out for nature strip gardening.

This time we used an experimental method; a geotextile membrane sheet rolled into a tube for the edge between the lawn area and the existing garden. We found some potential benefits of this method. For example, it was easy installation due to the light material. And also we did not need to waste the dug up soil because the soil goes into the geotextile membrane Tube.

What we have done this time:

  1. Digging a trench around the existing nature strip garden, which does not have edging between the garden bed and the lawn area.

  2. Laying the geotextile membrane sheet on the bottom surface of trench.

  3. Filling the soil we dug out of the trench into the sheet.

  4. Rolling up the sheet to make tube shape and tucking the edge of sheet nicely.

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