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Working with Louis Joel

Altona Community Gardens is proud to work with the Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre on the Nourish Project. This 'work for the dole' project started in November 2015 and since then the whole backyard has been transformed into an edible oasis. There are 9 timber raised garden beds: these are 'wicking beds' which saves a lot of water as there is a water reservoir under the soil where the plants grow. The water wicks up into the soil so that optimum soil moisture is maintained. The reservoir is filled as needed, generally once every 2 weeks.

The beds were designed by Altona Community Gardens Member Graeme Reilly, who also assisted the Work for the Dole participants with the build. The garden beds are growing fruit trees, herbs and vegetables. There is a water tank that provides water and even a wood fired pizza oven to add value to the garden experience. The ' herbal tea garden' is great for a refreshing tisane.

ACG member, Adeline, replenishes one of the beds with seedlings (Photo: LJ Cooper)

The gardens are currently used to supplement the 'Kings of the Kitchen' program with herbs and vegetables when available. The men love having access to those and are bing introduced to herbs they may not generally use. After they have cooked their meal, they enjoy comparing recipes with each other.

Altona Community Gardens aims to maintain the amazing work done so far on the gardens, involve the wider community in the garden and share in the wonderful produce.

The relaxing garden area at the Louis Joel. (Photo: Adeline)

The perennial bed full of rhubarb. (Photo: Adeline)

Yummy selection of greens for stir fries and other dishes. (Photo: Adeline)

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