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Fruit and veggie monthly swap and social gardening

The first Sunday of every month has become exciting in Altona! We are now hosting a social gardening event at the Louis Joel centre from 2 to 4 pm as well as a food swap.

Come along and join the fun by sticking your hands in the soil, doing some chatty gardening, learning or sharing knowledge. We encourage people to bring a plate to share.

Anyone can bring any surplus fresh produce, seeds, jams, eggs or anything garden related to trade. There is always worm juice too.

In October we enjoyed talking about compost and various methods of recycling kitchen and garden waste. We planted some tomatoes and marigolds, peas and capsicums and anyone is welcome to share the produce we pick. There are many herbs waiting to be taken home to flavour dinners or make delicious fresh teas.

We welcome children and there is always something for them to plant or take home.

Discussing in ground compost buckets

Trading greens for lemons or eggs or worm juice

Team work planting

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