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Winter warmth in the Nourish Garden

On Sunday it was all hands on deck as we set off to prepare and plant the garden beds at the Louis Joel Centre.

We split up into teams to pull up the eggplants, tomatoes, capsicums and basil and collected some seeds in the process( thai basil and marigold)

The beds were then replenished with some mushroom compost and the kids enjoyed sprinkling in some rock minerals and put in a bit of worm poo too for some good nutrients.

The shadier bed under the tree was planted out with onions salads and wombok cabbage seedlings as well as beetroots and a few cloves of garlic were put in as they repel the bad insects.

The other beds received some broccoli seedlings as well as dill which is great to deter the cabbage white butterflies that hate the smell of it, we also planted some spinach, silverbeet and celery for some yummy stir fries.

Everything was watered with some diluted magic worm tea before being mulched.

We are hoping for a good crop to share with the community.

Thank you to those who attended.

Getting ready for action

Deciding what to put in

All hands on deck

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